Jan 6, 2011

2011 Resolutions

"To find my true love"

"This year I want to complete my novel 'South Asia Expats"

Shila (with her baby's first photo in her right hand)
"1. Stop smoking 
2. Have a healthy baby [in] July 
3. Happiness for those who stood by me"

"Let's finish those previous resolutions, shall we?"

"Just wanna be [a better] person than last year..."

 "Travel More"

Ashraful, Luni & Jun
"Wish 2011 will be green & green for all the babies. Have a green smile in 2011"

Lisa, Krishna, Yennie & Grevi from Indonesia
"Friendship is better than enmity."

Manish Parekh
"I want to quit [the] habit of [chewing] tobacco."

Shrikant & Bhanumati Patel
"We want to improve our health & avoid visiting doctors"

"1. My parents keep healthy
2. Gain more achievement about my major
3. Find a girl friend"

" Loose weight, make money & be happy"
"I'm thinking"

"I want to make my family happy"

Sanju Nepolean
"I am gonna quit smoking"

Cecilia K
"I want to pass my CFA Level 1 in 2011"

"Always smile"

"Spread our culture across the world"

"Love yourself. Keep Smiling"

Kamal & Afzar
"To be a better man"

 Huileng & Lini
"Hong Kong trip in 2011"

I am Jitendra Amesar and my new year resolution is to learn photography and get better at it. You can see more of my work on Flickr or my photo blog - Photudiary